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Welcome to Ming's Dynasty Hostel Homepage!

Ming's Dynasty Hostel is located in the historical city of Chengde, just 250 kilometers northeast of the Chinese capital of Beijing. Chengde is the ideal place for a retreat away from the big city, as Qing Dynasty emperors discovered over 200 years ago.

Ming's Dynasty is Chengde's first hostel. It is conveniently located just several minutes walk from the main train station, not far from the picturesque Wulie River. Ming's Dynasty has recently relocated (June 2012) and is working together with Huilong Hotel, a 3 star hotel. Now you can enjoy the conveninece of a hostel within the luxury of a hotel!

All hostel rooms include air-conditioning, TV, high-speed internet access, and ensuite bathroom. There is also a bar and restaurant on-site where guests can relax, swap books, and enjoy a drink while meeting new friends.

Visiting Chengde's UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Summer Mountain Resort and Eight Outer Temples, can easily be done by either bus or taxi. Information is provided for free at hostel check-in. Hope to see you soon!

Chengde Pagoda
Photo by Paula Dunn

  pagodagateTibetan Facade
Photos by Rosalie Zhao